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Very easily. We recommend warm, soapy water and air drying.  If you feel that your bottle needs a more thorough cleaning, wash it with diluted vinegar or baking soda and water and use a bottle brush. Please do not use bleach or chlorine cleansers since the naturally protective finish of stainless steel, while very durable, can be damaged by these ingredients. We advise to hand wash all insulated bottles.

Can I put my Eco Vessel in a microwave?

No! Stainless steel bottles are not microwave safe. 

Can I put hot liquids in my Eco Vessel?

We only recommend the insulated adult "Boulder" style bottles which have stainless steel screw on tops for hot liquids. We do not recommend the flip spout bottles for hot drinks, since we feel that drinking hot liquids through a straw is not safe. DO NOT fill any non-insulated bottle with a hot liquid, since this will cause the exterior to become hot and could result in a burn. Even when using our insulated model, you need to take care when pouring any hot liquid. Do not overfill and check for leaks before using.

What types of beverages can I put in my Eco Vessel?

Just about anything, from water to juice to chocolate milk, to gin or beer.  With our insulated model, you can fill it with any hot beverage such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup, etc.

Where are your bottles made?

With the exception of some parts, our bottles are manufactured in China.  The drinking spout of the sippy bottle is made in Germany and the filter for our Aqua Vessel Insulated Filter Bottle is made in the United States. We use very responsible facilities where there is respect for the workers and the environment.  We visit them on a regular basis to ensure their compliance with our high standards. All of our bottles are made with premium quality, food grade stainless steel - the same kind many people use for eating and cooking. 

Do your products contain lead, phthalates, BPA, or other harmful material?

No.  All of our products are made without the use of harmful or leaching materials and chemicals. Further, because stainless steel is proven to be such a safe material, there is no liner or coating on the inside of any of our stainless steel water bottles.  The silicone used to create the collapsible silicone lunchboxes and the spouts on our straw bottles is made from food grade silicone, a compound of the elements silicon, hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. The Scout, Frost and Wave bottles use a TPR spout that is kid-safe and eco-friendly. Any plastic that we use (for instance, the lid for our collapsible silicone lunchboxes and Sport Flo tops) is 100% recyclable and free of all leaching materials.  What is TPR?  TPR stands for for Thermoplastic Rubber (also known as Thermoplastic Elastomer, or TPE).  It is a mix of rubber and plastic polymers that is highly resistant to biting, chewing, heat, and bending.  Like silicone and stainless steel, TPR is recyclable and does not contain leaching chemicals that would contaminate your water.  It is often used in medicinal practices to make catheters, and is also used in home, auto, and electrical products as insulation.  We chose it as the spout for our Kids' Straw Bottles not only for its properties of safety, but also for its durability.  

FAQ's for the Aqua Vessel Insulated Filter Bottle

What does the filter actually filter?

The Aqua Vessel filter is tested to remove or reduce many common harmful elements that may be found in your tap water and US river water.  Its coconut activated carbon removes 99.9% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium - the most commonly found parasites in US lakes and streams, and reduces heavy metals like lead, toxic chemicals like chlorine, sediments, and dirt.  

Is it complicated to use?

No! The filter is easy to use and easy to drink through, unlike other filters that force you to use strength to pull water through, our Eco Vessel Filtration allows water to flow quickly and easily. It attaches easily to a silicone straw, and rests inside your bottle. As you drink through the straw, the water passes through the filter, leaving those harmful substances behind.  

How do I know when the filter is no longer working?

Your Aqua Vessel filter will filter up to 100 gallons of water.  Your filter will become more difficult to use, and you may notice a difference in taste of your water.  At this time, the filter is no longer working and should be replaced. 

Does the filter ever need cleaning?

No.  The Aqua Vessel filter utilizes Miraguard Antimicrobial Technology by Aquamira Techologies to keep your filter clean throughout its lifetime.  Do not use soap or cleanser on the filter as you might damage it and plug the microscopic pore openings which will prevent it from working.  

What is the filter's life expectancy?

The Aqua Vessel filter will clean up to 100 gallons of water, depending on your water's concentration. 

How should the filter be maintained and stored?

You can air dry your filter and store it in a cool, dry place.  No special packaging is necessary to store it safely, but please be sure to rinse it thoroughly after extended periods of non-use. 

Can the filtration bottle be used without the filter?

Yes! You can just remove the filter and use it as a very attractive stainless steel bottle.  We have included a longer straw along with your Aqua Vessel for this exact purpose.  Replacement straws are available for purchase.    

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