Reflecta Dual Top Lid

Product image 1 Hudson Blue
Product image 2 Black
Product image 3 Purple Haze
Product image 4 Aqua Breeze
Product image 5 Tropical Melon
Product image 6 Rising Sun
Product image 7 Lavendar Fields
Product image 8 Northern Lights
Product image 9 Slate Gray
Product image 10 Wild Magenta
Product image 11 White Out
Product image 12 Reflecta Dual Top Lid

Regular price $9.95


Lid/Strap for "Boulder" style bottles that will also fit the "Summit", "Boss", and "Perks", as well as the kids "Scouts" and "Frosts" to give you added value and versatility. If there is a date of 2014 or older on the bottom of your bottle, the tops may not fit. If you need this top as a replacement for a Boulder top, please check the photo to see if it looks like your current top. If you're not sure if this is the correct top for your bottle, please click contact us and we are very happy to help you.
The top measures 2 inches tall and 2.75 inches in diameter. The top and strap come as one piece and is sold as a unit. The first time you use this top, please screw down tightly, so it will form a tight seal. 


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