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EcoVessel's products are crafted with planning and care to make sure they meet your needs and expectations. We understand, though, that sometimes things aren't perfect which is why all of our products are covered by a limited 100-year warranty.
EcoVessel warranties its products against manufacturing defects for 100 Years.  
We do have some exceptions that are not covered under warranty: scratches, dents, peeling or chipping paint; damage caused by falls or drops; using a dishwasher or putting in a freezer; ordinary wear and tear to straps, seals, and lids. You must also have a receipt of your purchase.
If there is a defect or damage and it can't be determined if the cause is a manufacturing defect, we are happy to give the customer the benefit of the doubt but will need to charge a shipping fee. In the case of a clear manufacturing defect, EcoVessel will pay for the shipping.
If you think you have a warranty issue, please click contact Customer Care and fill out the form. We want this as hassle free as possible, so please attach digital photos and save the trouble of returning the item to us. Normally, you'll hear from us within 3 business days. 
If the issue was caused by a manufacturing defect and you have a copy of your receipt, we will promptly send a replacement. If the identical product is no longer available, we will send the most similar item possible, with a value equal to the amount you paid.
If you have a receipt from a closeout or discount site which will not accept returns, we'll send a merchandise credit for the amount you paid that you can use on our website but will not be able to send a replacement. 
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