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5% Donated to the Planet | Free U.S. shipping over $49
5% Donated to the Planet | Free U.S. shipping over $49

WATER FOR PEOPLE - Mission Driven Products


EcoVessel is passionate about giving back. This is the reason we support Water For People, an international non-profit, whose mission since 1991, has been to provide sustainable solutions to the water and sanitation problems in developing countries. They have been successful by working with local entrepreneurs, community members, and local governments to build and deliver lasting clean water systems and sanitation projects. Additionally, Water For People has partnered with U.S. leaders in the water and wastewater industries to address issues in North America and the global water crisis.

Before you enjoy your next EcoVessel filled with good tasting water, we’d like you to meet Drocelle Uwamaliya, a 45 year old widow who supports her children by farming the steep hills in the small village of Rulindo, Rwanda. Her only water source is a walk that takes an hour and a half each way, stealing valuable time from her children’s schooling. Worse, the water is unsafe and infects her children with worms that stifles their development. As an elected leader of her village, Drocelle was very motivated to find a solution that would be effective and long lasting.

Water For People worked with Drocelle and other village leaders, using its expertise to construct safe water and sanitation services, provide hygiene education, and empowering communities to choose and invest in the right systems for themselves. Water For People wants every family, clinic, and school - everywhere -  to have lasting access to safe water and sanitation for generations to come.

EcoVessel is proud to contribute through special edition bottles, event sponsorships, and direct donations. With everyone’s help, everyone can have safe, clean water.