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EcoVessel Athlete Interview: Heather Larsen on Slacklining, Living in Colorado and Enjoying Coffee with Friends

EcoVessel Athlete Interview: Heather Larsen on Slacklining, Living in Colorado and Enjoying Coffee with Friends

Heather Larsen is a professional slackliner based in Golden, Colorado, who specializes in highlining and longlining. She's also an EcoVessel ambassador, yogi and latte-lover. Read on:

How did you start slacklining?

I was introduced to slacklining on a climbing trip with some friends. When I saw the tricks and walks that were possible within the sport, I was inspired to try it out for myself!

What are your three favorite aspects of the sport?

First, I love that it takes me to really unique and amazing places. It also teaches me how to manage fear by staying calm and being in the moment, and it’s given me a creative outlet I never knew I could tap into.

What do you love about living in Colorado?

I love being close to the mountains and having so many opportunities to play outside.


When you're not slacklining, where can we find you?

Usually in a yoga class, climbing or running. It’s hard for me to sit still, but I have been spotted relaxing at numerous coffee shops. I truly enjoy sitting down with a latte and having a conversation with a good friend.


What's your favorite EcoVessel product?

I love the Boulder triple-insulated stainless steel water bottle. It keeps my drinks hot or cold, depending on what I need for the day, and it comes in amazing colors. I can’t say no to bright colors!

How has spending so much time outside shaped your perspective on nature and the environment?

Spending more and more time outside over the years has fully shaped my perspective on how I interact with my world. I walk and bike places more, I’ve learned about buying products with minimal and reusable packaging, and recently I have been gardening with some of my friends.

Slacklining has gained popularity in the past couple of years. Where do you see the sport going in the future? 

The sport is growing both in numbers and in styles of slacklining, as many athletes are creating new tricks and pushing the limits of what distances are possible to walk. It is difficult to predict exactly have the sport will evolve, but I’m excited to see where it goes and continue to be inspired by my fellow slackliners.

Where would you like to take the sport personally?

I hope to be walking longer lines and dialing in more tricks soon!

What advice would you give new slackliners?

If you’re just starting out, I say keep your line shorter and lower to the ground. It’ll be more approachable that way. And smile, breathe and have fun! 


Photo Credits (top to bottom): Michael MadsenCasey ElliotMichael Madsen. All photos courtesy of Heather's Instagram account

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