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EcoVessel’s Fall Adventure Bucket List

EcoVessel’s Fall Adventure Bucket List

The crisp days, cool nights and colorful leaves of fall are here, and we couldn’t be more excited. Summer is often hailed as the season for adventures, but, just because it’s becoming sweater season, doesn’t mean you have to hide at home wrapped in blankets. Instead, let the crisp air refresh and energize you for as many adventures as possible. 

Here's our autumn bucket list to get you started:



    1. Enjoy the local foliage for an afternoon. Crunch through fallen leaves on a hike, bike past fiery trees, or rake your lawn and jump in the leaf pile with your kids, partner or best friends.

    2. Take your morning coffee to go and enjoy a 15-minute walk while you wake up in the early morning sunshine.

    3. Sip one of your favorite seasonally-spiced brews outside. Whether you crack open your cold one to celebrate a day hike summit or walk your dog through the changing leaves in your favorite park with a beer kept cold - and disguised - in one of our Double Barrel mugs, enjoy the tastes and sights of fall simultaneously.

    4. Visit a farmer’s market for locally grown apples and/or pumpkins. Then spend the afternoon baking snacks for the week ahead with your purchases. We love these healthy whole-grain apple muffins, perfect for on-the-go breakfasts or after school snacks, and pumpkin energy bites are a delicious pre-workout snack. Treat yourself to healthy, whole-wheat pumpkin pancakes for a fun autumn dinner or weekend breakfast.

    5. Wear your favorite cozy sweater to run errands. You’ll be surprised by how much happier you are grocery shopping when you’re warm and comfortable.

    6. Night-hike your favorite local trail and enjoy hot apple cider at the summit or as a post-hike reward. We recommend pouring your cider into one of our triple-insulated bottles with a cinnamon stick to keep your drink toasty while you hike and even more tasty when you return.

    7. Spend an evening star gazing and sipping hot chocolate or hot spiced wine kept warm in one of our insulated Vine wine bottles.

    8. Celebrate Halloween by dressing up and handing out candy to the neighborhood kids, hosting a Halloween candy scavenger hunt for your kids and their friends, visiting a haunted forest, barn or corn field, or inviting your friends over for a trick or treat party with scary snacks and cauldrons full of hot spiced wine or punch.

    9. Embark on a fall camping trip to fully appreciate the coziness of your sleeping bag and the warmth of your campfire on a chilly October evening. Toasting marshmallows over the fire is highly recommended.

    10. Adventure indoors for an evening, and watch your favorite scary movie from the comfort of a homemade blanket fort.


    Happy Fall!


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