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5% Donated to the Planet | Free U.S. shipping over $49
Give the Gift of Longevity

Give the Gift of Longevity

The holidays are upon us, and here at EcoVessel we have some tips to help you navigate the holidays. While we hope that you find the perfect gift to give someone this holiday season, we also hope that gift will not only be sustainable and make a positive impression on the environment, but can also save you money. Here are some helpful gift-giving tips to help you navigate the holiday season more sustainably this year.

Ensure it is a Well-Received Product

The ideal gift is something usable. Especially with ongoing inflation, consumers and gift recipients are hoping for gifts that will provide real-world uses in their everyday lives. Try to stay away from gag or joke gifts, which are often cheaply-made plastic toys designed to be enjoyed for a few minutes before being forgotten or discarded. Rather, opt for a gift that can be useful. Find out what the person you are getting the gift for needs in their day-to-day life. You want the recipient to make use of the gift you give them, and the last thing you want is for your gift to end up in the landfill. Additionally, shopping locally for gifts can help reduce the carbon footprint of your purchase while also providing support to local shops and business owners.

Furthermore, think about the things you enjoy in receiving a gift. Do you still use them years later, or do they remind you of cherished memories? Do you find them to be useful in your day-to-day life? 

Additionally, be sure to check out the online reviews and ratings of the gift you intend to give. What reasons do people mention for not liking the product? Do the 4-5 star reviews say anything about the durability of the item? Also, look into warranties on the gifts you are thinking of purchasing. Gifts with long-lasting warranties ensure that the recipient can keep and use the gift over time. If you are totally unsure of what they might want you can always give a gift card instead!

Gifts of Service

Furthermore, gifts of service require much less use of natural resources, and can be very personal and memorable. While many people have the material things they need, a gift that shows thoughtfulness can create a lasting memory. A gift such as a massage at a local spa, a music lesson, or a few volunteer dog walks can go a long way. Plus, gifts like this can help you avoid overly packaged products, which contain plastic packaging that can’t always be recycled.

Memorable Experiences

In addition to services, giving the gift of an experience can give the recipient a fun, educational memory that can hold value for years. Tickets to a concert or show can create valuable memories with minimal impact on resources and the environment. Other ideas for experience gifts are outings to sports events, local attractions, and museum memberships.

However, experiences don’t have to only be entertainment. For example, a membership to a car-sharing club in the city or signing a friend up for a cooking class, or a garden plot in a local community garden are great ways to give sustainable gifts this season.

Homemade Treats

Edible gifts are always appreciated, especially when they’re homemade. The time and energy you put into these kinds of gifts can be just as rewarding as any store-bought gift. And they are typically better for the environment than all that plastic packaging as well. Foods like jams, jelly, and baked goods are classic holiday gifts that just about everyone can enjoy. 

Whatever gift you intend to give, be sure that it’s of quality and can last for some time. Try to make sure it’s sustainable also. Opt out of buying the silly toy gifts and the unnecessary, non-recyclable plastic packaging. Remember, here at EcoVessel, we have a large offering of sustainable, long-lasting, 100-year warranty products, from our kids water bottles to our insulated tumblers.

No matter what gift you intend to give this holiday season, be sure to consider the recipient and the environment.

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