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Tips for Staying Hydrated

With more people confined to their homes than ever before, it’s no wonder that your schedule may seem out of sync. It’s important to remember to stay healthily hydrated. Did you know drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help with digestion, regulate your body temperature, and more? Here are some tips to make sure you drink the recommended 64 ounces of water per day (that’s 8, 8-ounces glasses of water).

1)      Wake Up with Water – Start your day by drinking a glass of water as one of the first things you do each morning. This will help you to rehydrate after your night’s sleep and kick start your hydration for the day.

2)      Measure – Make sure you are measuring how many ounces of water that you are intaking each day. An easy way to do this is by investing in a personal water bottle so you know how many ounces you are drinking each time you finish your bottle. A great choice is our 24 oz Summit straw top bottle. Refill the Summit just 3 times a day to drink the recommended ounces of water!

3)      Infuse – If you prefer drinks with flavor, infusing water with fruit or spices can help to make sure you are consuming enough water each day. Some of our favorite flavor combos are strawberry & lime, lemon, cucumber, & basil, or orange & ginger. Our Boulder bottle includes a strainer for flavor infusion and works great with tea or fruit. Available in 20 oz, 24 oz, and 32 oz.

4)      Accessible – Keep your favorite bottle or cup handy and filled with water whether you are working from home, tuning into a virtual fitness class, or binging a new tv series. This may seem obvious, but if you have water easily accessible, you will be more likely to drink it regularly. Every time it empties, make sure to refill it right away so you continually drink throughout the day.

5)      Goals – Set water goals for yourself and stick to it! This will help to make sure you get the recommended ounces you need throughout the day and you won’t be racing to catch up at night. For example, drink a full 24 ounce bottle of water before lunch, a full 24 ounce bottle of water before dinner, and a full 24 ounce bottle of water in the evening. 

Whether you are drinking out of an EcoVessel or another favorite bottle or cup, we hope these tips are helpful for staying hydrated at home. We are thinking of you and hope you and your families are staying healthy and safe!


- The EcoVessel Team

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