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Use a Filter and Say Goodbye to Bottled Water!

The EcoVessel Water Filter is a convenient way to always have refreshing filtered water at a moment’s notice. Compatible with our straw top bottles or straw lid accessories, the filter easily affixes to your straw to give you on demand filtered water at every sip. There's no need to buy bottled water and using this filter will save 750 single-use plastic bottles. Filters 100+ gallons of water!


How it works:

  1. Measure and cut your straw to fit your straw top bottle.
  2. Secure the straw to the filter using the plastic ends.
  3. Secure the filter assembly to your straw top lid.
  4. Replace your lid onto your bottle and fill with water.


Enjoy fresh, filtered water on demand!

Shop the EcoVessel Water Filter now! 

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