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What’s So Special About An Insulated Water Bottle From EcoVessel?

You have so many choices in water bottles to choose from, insulated and uninsulated, and so many choices in features that you can more or less get exactly what you want. If you like the heft and inertness of glass, go ahead, get a glass water bottle. That bottle’s probably not going to have excellent insulative properties though.

So then you could go with one of the stainless steel options out there, but you’ll have to make sure you do your homework to find all the features you want in an insulated water bottle. It’s not just stainless steel or nothing. There’s a whole world of ergonomics just waiting for you to discover it, and we hold the key here at EcoVessel.

That being said, with so many manufacturers out there selling different water bottles, insulated and uninsulated, it can seem like there’s little to differentiate them all, right? Wrong. We’re going to show you just what it is that makes an insulated water bottle from EcoVessel quite different from the competition. We’ll even itemize the list for you to make it easy to see what we mean.

Superiority of Construction

It can be tough to know just where to start here, because it isn’t just the quality of components that goes into every EcoVessel insulated water bottle that makes them so unique and superior, it’s how they are incorporated into the design. Make no mistake about it, however, an insulated water bottle from EcoVessel is a step above the competition.

Let’s start with the actual materials. Stainless steel is one of those wonderful raw materials that boasts of quite a list of benefits for a wide range of uses and applications. Since we’re talking about water bottles, though, we’ll keep our scope somewhat limited to its use as an agent for carrying and containing liquids.

Stainless steel is remarkably strong and on top of that it’s resistant to corrosion and some alloys react with almost nothing. The first strength is in its actual strength, though. Stainless steel is tough. There’s a reason they use stainless steel (or other steels) in hardware and construction. The stuff is tough. Steel is remarkably hard and strong. Does your water bottle need to support a skyscraper? No. Could it? Don’t try - that’s not the point. The point is wherever you take a stainless steel water bottle, it’s going to hold up to the stress. Glass or plastic certainly can’t hold a candle to them, and that doesn’t even bring in the insulative properties.

Here’s another thing - stainless steel is almost completely unreactive. As a result, you can be sure that no chemicals are leaching into your drinks, whatever they are. You can also be sure that your drinks aren’t damaging your water bottle. It’s a win-win scenario. The same can’t be said for most other materials except glass, and then, with glass, you don’t have the strength of steel. Chalk that up as a victory for steel. On that front, stainless steel is also nontoxic, which means there won’t be things like Bisphenol A (meaning its BPA free) or phthalates in your water bottle, so you can drink away for as long as you please without worrying about the additives or contaminants that might be present because there are none.

So let’s recap only this the first of many sections to get some of the chief benefits of a stainless steel insulated water bottle from us. Stainless steel is tough and strong so you don’t need to worry about breakage or spillage while on your adventures. Take that bottle with confidence out on the trail or boldly into the office. You decide, but it will go with you unflinchingly in either situation. It’s also nonreactive so that you don’t need to worry about chemicals getting into your beverages. So far our stainless steel water bottles have a winning record and we haven't even gotten into what you came here for.

Superiority of Insulation

So far we’ve got some serious benefits chalked up to our stainless steel insulated water bottles and we didn’t even get to the meat and potatoes that you came for - the insulation. What good is an insulated water bottle that doesn’t even keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold? We don’t think it’s very good, that’s what we think. That’s also why our insulated water bottles have some of the most innovative technology in the industry for regulating the temperature of beverages.

Whether you’ve got ice water in the summer and want that water chilled for days in camp or you’re sipping hot coffee on a winter trip, it’s no fun when you flip the top and it’s all lukewarm one way or the other. Naturally, the length of time that our water bottles can keep drinks insulated varies with environmental factors and the size of the bottle, but one thing is certain. Our Tri-Max® Triple Insulation is game-changing. Where previously it may have been quite a claim for a manufacturer of insulated bottles to keep drinks cold for 24 hours or so, we’ve gone and blown that right out of the water. Models like our Aspen 25 oz Steel Water and Wine Bottle keep drinks cold for 100 hours or hot for 20. You read that right. One hundred hours. That’s four days and change!

There’s just nothing like our TriMax® Triple Insulation and the stats prove it. This is due to our two layers of stainless steel and an internal layer of copper. The superior conductive property of copper evenly maintains the temperature throughout the bottle, enhancing the insulation. When it comes to keeping drinks hot or cold, our triple insulated water bottles have that game down pat. That is, on top of their rugged and indomitable construction that will last for years. Yet even with some of the most competitive insulative technology on the market and extremely rugged construction, we’ve only scratched the surface of the value that comes with an insulated water bottle from EcoVessel.

Superior Ergonomics and User-Friendly Features

 With EcoVessel, it’s like you’ve found the gift that keeps on giving. Rugged construction and peerless insulation only scratch the surface, because with each model we offer there come quite a fleet of drinker friendly ergonomic features that we’ve added into each of our models to make them better than they were when really, they were already pretty great.

 There’s more to an insulated water bottle than strength and insulation, as critical as they are. EcoVessel offers some really great ergonomics with each offering.

 Say, for example, you’ve experienced the following scenario. You’re taking a drink from a water bottle, glass plastic or otherwise, and then go to set it on a wood table or on the hood of your car. The water bottle has a rough base from many incidents of setting it on sand or rocks and then, as soon as you put it on the hood of a car or a wood table, guess what finish gets the sandblast now? The car or the table. That’s a common problem with lots of vessels and the reason for coasters.

 However, with models like our Aspen line, Summit line and Boulder Insulated Water Bottle, you get the peace of mind of with our soft landing scratch-free silicone bases and bumpers. That doesn’t just protect some fine finishes from your water bottle’s intrepid bottom, it protects your water bottle from them as well. It also makes it less likely for the water bottle to slip or slide off a surface.

 Here’s another thing. Have you ever picked up a water bottle, insulated or otherwise, only to get your hands wet? On hot days those things sometimes sweat to no end. Our proprietary insulation confers the added benefit of making our insulated bottles sweat proof. That means with each bottle you have protection from sweat and from scratches.

 Maybe you would like the security of a design that is leak resistant, because let’s face this uncomfortable truth. If there’s ever anything that dissuaded anyone from taking a drink on the go, it was the risk of leakage. Take a look at our Perk Line and Boulder Line of Insulated Water Bottles for unparalleled security against leaks. The screw-on Boulder lid is not only leak resistant, it features Reflecta® technology to enhance insulation and ensure that no drinks contact plastic. There’s nothing like the security of a leak resistant insulated bottle. Additionally, consider our Perk which has a push button open lid for one handed operation and a sliding lock so you can take it with you and not worry about leaks.

 Here’s something else to love about our stainless steel water bottles here at EcoVessel. Their simple design means they are not only easy to clean but to keep clean. That, and the fact that stainless steel won’t hang onto or impart flavors only gives you a little more to love. That’s why another thing you might be looking for when you shop for a stainless steel insulated water bottle is how easy it’s going to be for you to keep it clean. Ours definitely make that grade.  

 Here’s the good news - our insulated stainless steel water bottles are particularly easy to clean. Even the bottlenecked design of our Aspen Line products have a wider mouth that’s easier to work with when cleaning. Don’t let that be an inhibitor to your search for a winning insulated water bottle, because it’s no contest when you go with one of ours. Almost all of our bottles include removable gaskets for easy, hassle free cleaning. Our insulated water bottles are every bit as comfortable and usable as they are rugged and dependable. That’s a good combination to have.

 Our Guarantee

 So in a nutshell there it is - superior components, superior insulative technology and a wide suite of superior ergonomic bonuses. Our insulated water bottles are extraordinary for their tough construction, outrageously effective insulative technology and their ergonomics that make them comfortable and practical to use. They come together to make our insulated water bottles the best you can find, yet there’s one thing more that bears mentioning - our guarantee.

 We here at EcoVessel stand staunchly behind the quality of our products. So much so that we guarantee our products to be free from defects in workmanship or materials for 100 years. That’s right, you can buy an EcoVessel insulated water bottle today and we guarantee that it will be free from defect for 100 years. You can add that onto a product that is already remarkably tough by nature. When you invest in a stainless steel insulated water bottle from us here, you can expect to have it for another hundred years. We, at least, will guarantee that much. Who’s to say it won’t even last longer?


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Pamela Menning - August 11, 2022

Does the warranty apply if I received this as a gift?

randi - July 20, 2022

What does the dent in the vessel represent?

Sandy - December 21, 2021

Do you still sell 20 oz Perk?

Pexpo - May 7, 2021

Great article about <a href= “”>Insulated water bottle . I really appreciate you for all the valuable information that you are providing us through your blog.

April Atwood - August 6, 2020

I love your bottles and your business…..but wonder about your sourcing? Who manufactures for you….and how are the workers treated? Also, it seems like your business might be a great candidate to become BCorp certified — have you considered it?

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