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5% of Your Order Donated to Non-Profits | Free U.S. shipping over $49. | Click for details
Insulated Water Bottles - Which One To Pick?

Insulated Water Bottles - Which One To Pick?

You have so many options out there in insulated water bottles it can be mind-boggling when you want to narrow down all the selections and pick one. It almost seems like the only thing that has been decided for you is that the bottle should be insulated. Truth be told, you might want to carry more than just water in an insulated bottle, so let’s just say all you’ve decided is that you want one that’s insulated. There are so many designs, so many materials, and so many features, how can you be sure you’re picking the right water bottle for your needs? You don’t want to pick one you won’t like and just end up tossing it, since that kind of defeats the purpose of a reusable water bottle in the first place.

Instead, there are a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself before making the purchase because making a well informed and well-researched decision will bring you an insulated water bottle that you’ll be able to use comfortably for the rest of your life if you take care of it. So ask yourself the following questions about lifestyle, construction, aesthetics and what else you want in a water bottle before you buy your next one. Whatever you come up with, we have options here at EcoVessel that will fit all your requirements and throw in a few extra bonus features just because that’s what we do.

How Important Is The Insulation?
Imagine a sweltering summer day when you’re out at a game or just enjoying a trail in the sun. When you reach for your water bottle and take a drink, that water is tepid, or worse, warm. Few things are as aggravating as craving the refreshment of a cool drink of water on a hot, even humid day, and being greeted by a swig of warm water.

Similarly, if you enjoy the outdoors all year round and you find yourself out in the cold of midwinter, you might want to use your insulated water bottles to carry warm drinks. It can be just as rattling to reach for a drink of steaming tea or coffee that you packed only an hour before and take a sip of cold tea or coffee, especially if you expected the insulative properties that so many manufacturers promise. It just seems that all too often insulated bottles just don’t keep their contents hot or cold for long enough.

You’ll have to decide how important insulation is to you, or if it takes a backseat to some other features you want the water bottle to offer. Here’s a bit of good news. Our insulated water bottles here at EcoVessel offer excellent insulation with our TriMax® Triple Insulation, and our insulated bottles keep drinks hot or cold for quite some time. This varies by the model we offer, so we’ll dive into that shortly. If you place a premium on the insulation your water bottle offers you, you definitely won’t be disappointed in the options we can give you here at EcoVessel.

You’ll Want Them To Be Free Of Harmful Chemicals
When water sits in a container for a prolonged period of time, anything that is soluble will eventually end up in the water. Lax regulations and a poor understanding of the chemistry of some plastics have allowed certain harmful chemicals to be used in the manufacturing of water bottles in the past, but luckily today we have access to drinking vessels that are free from these chemical toxins.

That brings up another important question you’ll want to ask before purchasing an insulated water bottle or any reusable water bottle. You’ll want to ask questions about the materials it contains. We’re proud to report that our insulated water bottles - actually all of our drinking containers - are free of the harmful chemicals that are sometimes found in water bottles, especially plastic. You won’t want to be drinking out of a bottle over the course of years or a lifetime only to find out later that the bottle was leaching BPA or phthalates into your drinking water the whole time. Rest assured that all of our insulated water bottles, including our uninsulated water bottles, are phthalate and BPA free.

What Features Are You Looking For?
This actually incorporates a whole slew of different questions you’ll want to ask when shopping around for insulated bottles on top of concerns about the insulation and the integrity of the construction. You’ll want to consider the additional features you want in an insulated water bottle that makes it more user-friendly and comfortable to use.

You’ll want to make sure that whatever water bottle you pick, it’s leak proof. Any bottle can leak when not secured properly, but you don’t want to find out that you’ve done your due diligence securing a cap only to come back later to a soaked bag or seat. On that note, you’ll want to ask what type of top you want. You might want the convenience of a flip-top or a straw top that makes it easy for you to get a good drink quickly. Then again, you might want to swap a little bit of convenience out for the security of a screw-on top. You might not be able to get a drink with the same ease, but you’ll have additional protection against leaks and you’ll be able to take bigger gulps from the open mouth of a screw-on cap. Here at EcoVessel we offer insulated water bottles that offer these features as well as excellent insulative properties.

You might also want to ask yourself if there are any other little pluses you’d like to add to whatever water bottle you end up choosing. Does the water bottle offer any ergonomics that make it comfortable to get a drink or to fit in your hand easily? Does the bottle offer any protection against bumps or scratches? Consider whether or not you’ll be bringing your water bottle into the outdoors, keep it in the car or use it mostly around the house to figure out if there are any other additional features you would like it to have.

How Much Should It Hold?
Here’s a big one, and this is actually one of the first questions you should ask yourself, but since we only just touched on the topic of lifestyle and where you intend to bring the bottle, it’s only natural to ask now. Are you going to use your water bottle to keep you hydrated over long hikes or while biking? If that’s the case you’ll want to carry a water bottle with a larger capacity like our 24 or 32 oz model. If you’re only going to keep it around the house or in the car where you can get easy access to refills then capacity might take a backseat to other more important features so you might be comfortable with a smaller model. Again, it all comes down to your preference and you’ll need to determine the size you’ll need. You just won’t want to go empty on the trail, nor will you want to be carrying around a huge water bottle all the time if you don’t really need the extra capacity.

Shop EcoVessel For All Of The Above
Once you’ve determined what features you want, such as capacity and cap design you can check out what we offer right here at and find an insulated water bottle that meets all your criteria. Depending on the model that appeals to you most you’ll probably get a few other bonuses thrown into the bargain. Best of all, you can be certain that all of our products are free of the chemicals outlined above and our insulated bottles offer the best -temperature retention with our TriMax® Triple Insulation.

If you’ve decided you want the convenience of a flip-top straw lid, take a look at our SUMMIT Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle. It allows you one-handed operation with no need to tilt the bottle, in a comfortable, ergonomic design that is practical and capacious enough to keep around the house or in camp. It will keep your drinks cold up to 36 hours - that’s three days! - and offers a couple of other user-friendly features. It fits in almost any cup holder and has a soft touch carrying handle along with a silicone bumper to help protect against rough use.

If you want the security of a screw-top we offer a few options that are perfect to keep your drinks insulated, whether you’re filling our bottles with water, coffee or even tea. If you don’t need extra capacity, take a look at our BOULDER in 20 oz, which will keep your drinks cold up to 60 hours or hot up to 12. The Reflecta™ insulation technology in the lid prevents liquids from contacting plastic and the stainless steel top keeps drinks hotter and colder longer. The BOULDERalso features a strainer to make it easy to infuse your drinks with flavors from fruit or other additives and prevents ice from hitting your teeth while drinking. It’s easy to fill as well as to clean and features a silicone bumper as well to help protect the base of the bottle. You can also find the BOULDERin a 24 or 32 oz configuration, with all the features of the 20 oz but with the extra capacity to keep you hydrated in camp or on the trail.

If you need the utmost performance you can find in stainless steel water bottles, then you will find it in our ASPEN Insulated Steel Water & Wine Bottle, available in 16 or 25 oz. Both sizes offer cutting edge technology including our TriMax® Triple Insulation for keeping your drinks hot or cold. The 25 oz model is capable of keeping drinks hot up to 20 hours or cold up to 100. Its stainless steel construction is rugged and durable, and the cap opens with only one and a half twists while still offering excellent insulative performance. The drinking rim is smooth and comfortable to drink from and the lid covers the drinking rim to protect it from dirt. The bottle includes a non-slip silicone to protect the bottle as well as any surfaces, and the bottle is condensation free, keeping your hands and your belongings dry.

These are only a few of the excellent choices we offer you in insulated water bottles, on top of our other uninsulated bottles which are all BPA free and user-friendly. Take a look through our offerings and find the insulated bottle that best suits your lifestyle today.

Minimize Your Impact To The Environment
Even after you find the insulated water bottle that suits your fancy best, the good news keeps on coming. You’ve probably come to appreciate the fact that reusing water bottles has a net positive impact on the environment, if only from the fact that fewer plastic bottles end up in landfills or waterways. But keeping plastic water bottles from littering the Earth is only the beginning.

You can also appreciate the fact that many of our reusable bottles are recyclable if it ever comes to that. While you’d be helping the environment if you ever chose to recycle our recyclable bottles, you should know that our products are guaranteed to be free from defects for 100 years. That’s right - buy one of our EcoVessel insulated water bottles and you could very well be drinking out of it 100 years from now - we guarantee them to be defect-free.

So while you can rest easy that many of our products are recyclable, it probably won’t even be necessary, at least for 100 years. Additionally, we here at EcoVessel are proud members of 1% for the Planet and have committed to donating 5% of our online sales to environmental nonprofits. Not only will you be helping the environment when you give up single-use plastics and invest in a water bottle with a projected 100-year lifespan, we’ll help out on our end too.

If you have questions about our products, our technology or our philosophy, reach out to our team at 800-969-2962. We’d be glad to help you pick the perfect insulated water bottle to meet your needs and we know you’ll be satisfied with what we have to offer.

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