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Doing Good



Eco Vessel is passionate about giving back. Part of our mission is to support organizations that work to provide clean drinking water around the world. Eco Vessel has partnered with Water for People, whose mission is to provide long-lasting solutions to the water, sanitation, and hygiene problems in the developing world. Before you enjoy your next Eco Vessel bottle full of clean water, we’d like you to meet Drocelle. Drocelle Uwamaliya is a 45-year-old widow who supports her seven children by farming the steep hills of Ruberano, in the small village of Rulindo, Rwanda. Her only water source is an hour and a half away by foot. The endless task of water collection steals from her children’s education as they walk to and from the source. The water is unsafe and infects her children with worms that stifle their development. As an elected leader of her village, Drocelle was motivated to find a local, long-term solution.

Through our partner, Water For People, she and other village leaders in Rulindo found that solution. With pride she says, “This is our water and it will be good when everyone has a safe supply for drinking!” To local leaders like Drocelle, Everyone means the solution belongs to them. One in seven people like Drocelle lack access to safe water. Without drinking water, they are stuck in permanent, crushing poverty.


Before you take your next sip of water, help Drocelle and everyone in her community get a drink, not just today, but tomorrow and every day afterwards. Water For People is an international nonprofit that is investing in communities around the world so that Everyone – every family, every school, every clinic – has safe water and sanitation, forever. Eco Vessel has partnered with Water For People to support long-lasting water and sanitation programs in 11 developing countries.

With your help, Everyone can have clean water.





We're Committed to Making a Difference

EcoVessel has partnered with Elkay, the world's leading manufacturer of water bottle fill stations. The partnership was developed in order to help schools across the country raise enough funds to purchase and install Elkay water bottle fill stations at their schools. The program will help students learn about the importance of using reusable bottles compared to wasteful single-use plastic water bottles. 

To learn more about the fundraising program, please visit: https://www.elkay.com/ezwishkit

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