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20% Off! Use Code: EARTH20 | 5% Donated to the Planet | Free U.S. shipping over $49
Best Bottles for Camping

Best Bottles for Camping

EcoVessel has you covered for all your fall camping drinkware needs! Stainless steel tumblers to keep your coffee hot for brisk mornings, insulated water bottles that will keep your water icy cold for adventures, and camp mugs to keep your beer and cocktails cold for nights spent around the campfire.

Our Favorites: 

The Metro stainless steel tumbler is a great addition to your camping gear. Featuring our TriMax® Triple Insulation, it will keep your coffee steaming hot in the morning before your adventures (up to 6 hours) and your cocktails icy cold when you get back to camp (up to 24 hours). It fits in camp chair cup holders and includes an open/close sliding lid.

The 32 oz Boulder insulated water bottle will keep your water cold up to 90 hours so it’s great for all day adventures! Plus, it includes our TriMax® Triple Insulation, a silicone bumper, a strainer, and a dual opening lid. Keep it in your tent and have cold water all night long.

The 64 oz Boss features our TriMax® Triple Insulation and will keep your water or beer cold up to 150 hours. That’s 6 days! It includes a dual opening lid with a wide mouth for easy filling and a small mouth for easy pouring.

The Transit is the ultimate camping mug. Great for steaming hot coffee in the mornings and icy cold beer after a long day of hiking and adventures. Includes TriMax® Triple Insulation, a sturdy handle, non-slip silicone base, and open/close sliding lid.

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clarck - February 23, 2022

The best bottles for camping are the bottoms up bottles. They are very durable and can take a lot of abuse. The chairs are also great for camping, because they are not too comfortable and can be used for many hours.
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